Queen’s PEC

The hub of Queen’s Sport is the Physical Education Centre (PEC) located in Belfast’s beautiful Botanic Park. Opened in 1971, the facility boasts an amazing range of sporting facilities, services and programmes to meet the needs of first time users, casual users, top class athletes and life-long regulars. In 2007 Queen’s Sport invested £7million in new facilities at the PEC including a brand new climbing wall.

The DR wall

The new climbing wall built by DR features 11 lines at 8.5m and cannot be missed upon passing through reception. The moulded wall includes an abseil tower, multi-pitch ledge chock stone and a cave for bouldering. New routes and problems are set regularly by Queen’s Mountaineering Club and are generally graded from 3+-7a.


The Brick Wall

The 7m high brick wall with its 6 lines was one of the original climbing wall designs and is still in use today. This wall incorporates 8 lines of climbing through some unusual features not often seen on modern climbing walls, such as the mantelshelves and chimney. Real rocks have been cemented into place on the wall in parts and cement has been used to create jamming cracks on some lines.


Everest Wall

7.5 metres high, 5 metres wide and at 15° angle; this is our most overhanging wall. Although no longer open to the public, both the brick wall and the Everest wall are in use through some of the children’s courses and the intermediate adult course.



Queen’s PEC

Botanic Park
Belfast BT9 5EX
TEL. 028 9068 1126