Ozone Adult Courses

Ozone Adult courses are normally 6 weeks long and cost £79.20. Each class is 1.5 hours long and they are offered on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. For information on upcoming courses you can check out our calendar, our Facebook Page or subscribe to our emails.

Adult beginners

Duration 1.5hrs Instructor Ratio 1:6

This course covers the basics of indoor rope climbing for beginners with little or no climbing experience. You’ll receive an overview of the wall and the use of bouldering and rope areas. You’ll learn about the limitations of matting and how to put on a harness, tie in, belay another climber on top rope and spot for bouldering.

Adult improvers

Duration 1.5hrs Instructor Ratio 1:8

This course follows on from the beginners course and focuses on improving climbing and movement techniques. It includes a review of the safety rules, top rope belaying and bouldering.

Adult learn 2 lead

Duration 1.5hrs Instructor Ratio 1:6

This course is for top rope climbers who want to progress to lead climbing.  You must be able to top rope with confidence (minimum French 5+). This will be tested on the first week for the course. You must bring your own rock climbing shoes.