Sticky Feet Ltd was founded by John Begley in 2009 to provide technical knowledge and staff for sports centres to run their in-house climbing programmes. We offer indoor and outdoor rock climbing courses, design advice to new centres as well as specialised training and assistance to the film and television industries.


Instructors Profile

John Begley, Owner

I have always enjoyed the outdoors having been in the Scouting movement from a young age. I started climbing in 2005 with Queen’s Mountaineering Club while studying for an engineering degree and this has given me the opportunity to climb all over Europe; bouldering in France, sport climbing in Spain, mountaineering in Scotland and the Alps and I have recently returned from an ice climbing trip in Norway.

I am however a trad climber at heart and I don’t think there is any better climbing than here at our doorstep either on the big crystals of Mournes granite or the impressive cliffs at Fairhead.

I am currently SPA and CWLA assessed and I am also qualified NICAS Director. I did my ML training in May this year and I am working towards my assessment in 2015.

Ronan Profile

Ronan Kernan, Operations Manager

I’ve been climbing for 5 years now, since just before I went to university – I went to Chamonix with my parents, saw Mt Blanc, decided I want to climb it, and went on an Alpine Mountaineering course to find out how. Since going to Queen’s to study engineering in 2009 (I’m still there, stringing it out) I’ve been a member of QUB Mountaineering Club, learning almost everything I know about climbing through the club and getting to climb all over the place, from the frictional granite of the Mournes and the jamming cracks of Fair Head to the limestone of Spain and the snow and ice in Scotland and the Alps. In 2012 I took part in a QUBMC expedition to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia where we climbed a few 5000m peaks that hadn’t been climbed before.

I love all kinds of climbing. Remember, indoor climbing is great – but outdoor is where the real fun is, so get outdoors as soon as you can!

Gareth Profile

Gareth Brown, Instructor

My first experiences of rock climbing was in 2008 during a couple of weeklong summer courses in Killowen Outdoor Education centre extending to joining Jordanstown Mountaineering Club in 2010 when I became a student. I am now involved in the running of the club and enjoy the more competitive side of the sport and passing on the skills I have learnt to others. I currently have my SPA assessment and hope to complete my ML and CWLA assessments during this summer (2014).

Gerald Profile

Gerald Donnelly, Instructor

I am one of the Instructors Currently working in Queen’s PEC. My interest in the outdoors was sparked in secondary school in the hillwalking society in 2003. When I came to Queen I was excited to branch this interest further in 2010 when I joined the QUB Mountaineering club. It was here that I first experienced rock climbing for the first time and have enjoyed it ever since.

Emille Profile

Emilie Pak, Instructor

Hi my name is Emilie. I started climbing when I joined Queen’s university mountaineering club, way back in 2006….!  Since joining the club, I’ve trained to be an instructor; coaching main adult climbers, but I have experience coaching kids as well.

I’ve climbed in sport climbed in Spain, winter climb in Scotland.. Bouldered in France… And also done some exciting alpine routes!! Climbing is scary but the aftermath is amazing…especially meeting so many people – many which have become long time buddies!

Niall Profile

Niall Browne, Instructor

My passion for the outdoors stems from a very early introduction at the age of 8 to the mountains through my local Scout group. Whilst I still maintain links with the group as a leader, my interest in climbing developed upon joining the Queens Mountaineering Club in 2010 whilst undertaking a degree in Physics. For the last four years I have been lucky to sample all disciplines on offer in climbing, from traditional rock climbing in the Mournes and Fairhead, to sunny sport climbing in Spain to the physicality of snow and ice climbing in Scotland and the Alps.

I am currently undertaking a PhD in Physics at Queens University, commencing in October. I am a SPA instructor and hope to complete my ML assessment within the next 6 months.

Conor McLaughlin

Conor McLaughlin

Hi my name is Conor but most people call me Smiley. I started climbing when I started University and joined the Queen’s Mountaineering Club back in 2010. Getting involved in the club was the best decision I ever made as I’ve learnt many new skills as well as meeting some fantastic people. Mountaineering is something I always wanted and I’m glad I am now able to pass on the skills and knowledge I’ve learnt to others.

Stephen Simpson Profile

Stephen Simpson

I started climbing in 2010 when I joined Queen’s Mountaineering Club building on a strong interest in outdoor pursuits. Since I joined QUBMC I have built up a wide knowledge and built up experience of mountaineering and climbing. I have since been instructing children and adults and have gained my CWA qualification.

I enjoy all types of mountaineering and climbing and it’s great introducing new people to climbing and developing and improver other climbers.

Nothing beats a day at the crag but when the weather is bad you can push yourself at the climbing wall.

Jake Haddock Profile

Jake Haddock

Hi, My name is Jake Haddock, I have been climbing now for around 7 years. Since I started climbing I’ve been totally hooked. I started out climbing in the Northern Ireland Youth Climbing Team and since then have graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BSc (hons) degree in Sports Coaching. I have been coaching climbing now for the past 4 years and really love it, I have coached ages ranging from young kids to adults and ability groups from beginners right up to elite international level.

I’ve been very lucky to travel through climbing to places like Greece, France, Spain, America, Peru and around the UK and Ireland. I am a boulderer at heart but would like to consider myself as an all-rounder having climbed the 8’s in every discipline (font 8a in bouldering, E8 on trad, 8a on sport and 8a+ on Deep water solo).

I have just started coaching and setting with sticky feet and really look forward to getting involved with more climbing coaching around Ireland.