Ozone Children’s Courses

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Ozone Children’s courses are normally 6 weeks long and cost £39.60. Each class is 1.5 hours long. For information on upcoming courses you can check out our calendar, our Facebook Page or subscribe to our emails.

Junior Beginner

This course is an introduction to climbing for children aged from 8 years and up.  Children will learn how to put on a harness, tie in to the rope correctly and how to belay safely and effectively. NICAS Level 1 can be attained in this course.

Junior Improver

This course is a good follow on from the beginner course and allows children to progress through their NICAS levels. Children must have attended the beginner course or equivalent before signing up to this course.

Junior Select

This course is for children who have shown an aptitude for climbing and who are keen to continue their development. The class is by invitation only and is based on children’s age and ability. The class concentrates on coaching technique, with a strong emphasis on bouldering. Lead climbing is also taught to those who are ready.